Competition Rules

Hyndburn Competition

These rules are to be read in conjunction with the Generic Competition Rules

1. All entries must consist of 3 prints photographed within the Hyndburn Borough boundaries, which will be judged as an entity. The images need not be on a common theme.

2. Maximum print size, including mount, is 50cm x 40cm. (See General Rule number 3)

3. A member may submit more than one entry, but each is to comprise three prints.

4. A trophy will be awarded annually to the winner. Placings of second and third will be given at the judge's discretion.

5. An A4 / 10"x 8" print (unmounted) of each photograph entered in the competition is requested for the club to archive in the town library. The copy photograph must be accurately titled/described on the back including the date (month & year) of exposure.

6. Entries must be titled on the entry form. Members' names or initials must not appear on the entry. Print entries must be submitted separately in suitable packaging bearing the entrant's number.

7. All entries (minus the copy prints) will be returned but the winning entries must be available for the Annual Exhibition if requested.

It is requested that members bear in mind the eventual historical nature of the library collection when selecting entries. Pictures which include people behaving naturally will be particularly welcome. Photographers may wish to put their own name on the back of the copy prints so that it is recorded for posterity.