Useful Information

TUTORIAL: Photoshop cut-outs

Simple Cut-out and Move into a Different Image

1. Open two images (one with the subject and the one with the background required)
2. Open them both at the same time [Window/Arrange/Tile]
3. Select image with object/subject [click in area around image tile to make it active]
4. Select object - use your preferred method, the key is accuracy, most tools work better on higher resolution images with objects that have good separation between the background and the subject. Various methods can be used:
a. Magic wand
b. Quick Selection tool
c. Lasso/Polygonal/Magnetic selection tool
d. Marquee tools
e. Colour selection
f. Use of third party software e.g. OnOne, Vertus, which have free
trials available online.
These work either as plug-ins to Photoshop or as stand-alone applications. They are particularly good for complex cut outs such as fly away hair and trees.
5. Refine edges as required [Right click – Refine Edges]
6. In Refine Edges ensure Output is set to New Layer
7. Note additional layer created enabling cut out to be saved.
8. In Layers Palette click and hold on the new layer (showing the cut-out).
9. Drag layer into second/background image.
10. Return to start image – you can save this as a .PSD (retaining layers) for re-use of the cut out. When finished close down.
11. Click on Move tool and reposition cut out to where you require.
12. Click on Edit Transform Scale (CTL T)
13. Click on chain link to maintain proportions – adjust as required.
14. That’s it!
15. You can add shadows if required using the Burn Tool, tidy edges etc

Out of Bounds Cut-out (3D effect)

1. Open Image and convert to Smart Object (Right click on Background Layer in Layers Palette).
2. Create a new layer – Click on New Layer icon on Layers Palette (or via Layers menu)
3. Select Rectangular Marquee Tool and make selection in image
4. Add Stroke (under Edit menu) – Choose ‘Inside’ (colour/size your choice I have used white and 40 pixels).
5. Deselect (CTL D)
6. Move to desired position using Move Tool
7. Alter perspective using Transform Tool (Edit/Transform/Perspective) click on corner and drag. Accept change when finished
8. Layer/Layer Mask/Reveal All
9. Select Pen Tool and ensure selection on Paths (2nd icon)
10. Draw line round Stroke that requires removing (Cut out)
11. Right Click in Selection and pick Fill Path – ensure black is chosen and enter
12. Note that part of stroke has been hidden
13. Right click in selected area (just visible) and pick Delete Path (which removes the selection from the layer mask).
14. Create New Layer (Icon at bottom of layers palette) and move to bottom of list of layers.
15. Click on Photo Layer
16. Layer/Layer Mask/Reveal All
17. Select Pen Tool again and create a selection of the image that you wish to keep outside of the Stroke Box (run through the middle of the Stroke Line it will select it all).
18. Close the Selection Path (i.e. make a complete loop of selection)
19. Right click in selection and choose ‘ Make a Selection’ and OK
20. Inverse the selection (CTL/Shift/I)
21. Select Bucket tool and fill with black to remove unwanted parts of the image and deselect.
22. Add a background of choice – I have used a simple black to white gradient (select Bottom Layer, then Gradient Tool, choose Black to White and Linear Gradient. Go to Image and Click/ hold and draw a line where you want your gradient.
23. That’s it!