Useful Information

TUTORIAL - Creating a Digital Pencil Sketch

1. Convert your image to mono in your usual way.

2. The photoshop filters you need only work in 8 bit, so you may need to convert if you’re working in 16 bit. Go to Image>Mode and left click on 8 bit.

3. Get the Layers palette on screen if it’s not already there.

4. Create a duplicate layer. Give it a name if you wish.

5. Left click on the Background layer to make it active.

6. Go to Filter>Sketch>Water Paper.

7. Three sliders are available. These numbers may well work but be free to experiment. Fibre length: 25, Brightness: 85, Contrast: 75.
When you are happy, click OK.

8. Click on the Sketch Layer (top layer) to make it active.

9. Go to Filter Menu>Stylize>Glowing Edges.
Try these numbers but you can change them!
Edge width: 2, Edge Brightness: 20, Smoothness: 15. Click OK.

10. You should see that the image is inverted – blacks are white and vice-versa. You need to get it the right way round. Use the short cut: Ctrl + I to invert it.

11. You now need to blend the 2 layers. Go to the Layers palette and left click on the
downward arrow alongside Normal, which will reveal the various blending modes. Multiply will probably work best but you might also want to try Overlay or Hard Light.
The Opacity will be 100% but you might well want to reduce this if the lines appear too

12. If you are happy with the result you can crunch down the layers by going to Layers>
Flatten Image.

13. If you want to boost contrast you can use Levels or Curves.

14. Now Save As where you wish to store your digital pencil sketch.

15. If you want a really weird image you could carry out the same steps without converting to mono.

16. Have fun!